Killing Me Softly

Shotgun Monday, because some days are easier than others…

Courtesy of Rob Washburn over at the CAA offices, here is your weekend roundup.

A few comments after the weekend, noting that a two-game losing streak can have you switching from the home unis to the road togs in the #1 vs. #8 game in the CAA tournament:

1. Frankenstein, aka Loren Stokes, hit 15 of 24 shots and scored a career-high 32 points in Hofstra’s loss to Nor’Easter. Can you say “rounding into form?”

2. UNCW may not win many more games, or they may win them all. But you have to love watching them play. Crisp passing, great team defense, and stubbornness go a long way. TJ Carter’s 28 points Saturday is the important note. John Goldsberry is steady and a leader, but all the grittiness in the world won’t help you if you don’t have a guy that can flat out score, I mean score in the way that strikes fear into opposing coaches.

3. Bad things happen to bad teams: Georgia State made just two of six free throws in the final two minutes against Towson, turning a 58-54 lead into a 66-62 defeat.

4. I don’t care if they’ve lost eight games by 16 or more points, cut JMU and Dean Keener some slack. They continue to play very hard despite getting killed every night. And Keener had the guts to boot Cavell Johnson in the middle of misfortune.

5. I keep waiting for ODU to have THAT game. You know, the one where they beat the tar out of someone from the opening tap. I wonder if I will see it?


Tonight, Towson travels to the Daskaslasksiaslkislaslsis Center to play Drexel. The winner gets to 6-3 and joins five other teams within one game of first place.

What say you, oh blogging fool?

Although the storyline will be that Gary Neal returns to the area that caused him so much trouble, it’s about time the stinking press let that go. How about a story on Towson’s resurgence? Or Drexel’s success making Philly folks think about adding the Dragons to the Big Five? At least recycle an old Pat Kennedy or Bruiser Flint story.

(BTW–Pat Kennedy is much shorter than I thought he’d be.)

Regardless, I doubt you’ll ever see me pick against Drexel in the DAC. Even if they played Ditka. Drexel wins ugly, as if they win in any other manner, 57-49.


~ by mglitos on January 23, 2006.

One Response to “Killing Me Softly”

  1. I wonder if the young woman being sexually assaulted by Neal and the other player while she was puking in the toilet is ready to “let that go” yet.

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