The conference muckety-mucks are getting killed for this Thursday/Saturday scheduling deal. You won’t find a coach that has anything even neutral to say about it. Athletics directors meetings are a couple of weeks away, and you don’t have to be Nostradamus to figure out what will be featured prominently on the agenda. Unfortunately, it’s a killer for the scibesters as well.

For me personally, it means I am unable to see “My Name is Earl,” which NBC heartlessly moved to Thursday nights. Earl is one of the two shows worth watching on teevee these days, aside from college basketball games.

Luckily, I was treated last night to a new program coming to your town, the Loren Stokes Show. You may have seen it already, but last night was a virtuoso performance. Though Stokes finished with 27 points, it was the sequence in the second half in which Hofstra came from seven down (thanks to an 11-0 run to open the second stanza) to gain an eight point lead with 6:30 to play.

Stokes drove the lane and made several of those floaters. (Patent pending.) He made three pointers. He dished to Aurimas Kieza for a layup and Chris Gadley for a dunk. And finally, he dashed from one side of the court to the other to swipe the ball away from behind an unsuspecting Brandon Johnson that led to another Hofstra hoop.

All of this occurred with Stokes getting a tooth knocked loose and a cut over his eye, prompting Tom Pecora to comment: “I called him the Million Dollar Baby in the locker room afterward, and she was heavier.”

Other writers can give you a better play-play, if you like. I’m happy watching another great CAA game.

Note: the rematch is 2/2 on Long Island.



WOW, Part 2.


The Slate

Hofstra at Northeastern: Loren Stokes has injured his back, knee, ankle, thumb, teeth, nose, and eye so far this year, and those are just the injuries we know about. It would not surprise me if Stokes cramps his neck on the Hofstra charter from Norfolk to Boston. And then pours in 25 points. You may think Hofstra is tired, and you’re probably right, but consider Northeastern will be flying in from DC themselves. Was there no gym in Baltimore available? I kid, because I care. Shawn James is neutralized as Hofstra bombs away. It’s sloppy, and I like Adrian Uter’s 25 minutes and Chris Gadley’s presence against ODU. Pride 74, Huskies 70.

George Mason at UNCW: Mason’s reward for a dominating win and first place in the standings (as if that matters right now)? A trip to the beach. And not one of those really good vacation kind of trips to the beach. This is where a short bench takes its toll, and Jim Larranaga understands the true ills of the Thursday/Saturday schedule. By the way, the benches in Trask are the same length as in every other home arena. It’s a figure of speech. Look for Brad Brownell and Larranaga to engage in a LoveFest, each praising the other’s team after The Dub’s 61-57 victory. Neither will be lying.

Georgia State at Towson: This is the game that will tell us a thing or three about Towson. Playing well, they went into Trask and got slapped. Hard. With no recovery time, can they recover? Players have shorter memories than fans, and GSU coach Michael Perry is beginning to consider witness relocation. Towson 75, Georgia State 64.

Delaware at Drexel: A bandaged Bruiser Flint promises to keep himself in check, even if this is a rivalry game. Flint guarantees his blood pressure will rise no higher than 450-over-280. I cannot for the life of me find a way to think Delaware can win this one. I’m unable to get past “Drexel on the road is very unlike JMU at home.” Drexel 64, Delaware 54.

Old Dominion at William & Mary: ODU fans will be tailgating outside of William & Mary Hall prior to this one. It says here that this is the game Sam Harris gets 8 points, four rebounds, and blocks three shots. His performance will once again lead the Monarchs faithful to predict big things from the Gentle Giant, and also wonder why he doesn’t do that every night out. At that point, the designated driver casually mentions “because we don’t play William & Mary 28 times,” ending the conversation. ODU gets well with an 80-64 victory.

James Madison at VCU: JMU actually won in the Siegel Center last year, one of only three conference wins for the Dukes. Yeah, I know I’m reaching. VCU 81, JMU 64.


Take some time on Sunday morning as you eat a Danish and drink your coffee to study your team’s wins and losses. Why? Because after Saturday’s matchups we’ve reached the halfway point of the season. No lie.

I want you to check this out because this year, “your team” could finish 14-4 and hold tiebreakers. Amazingly, this could be the first seed in the tourney. Before you think I’m nuts, look at it.

Every team but George Mason lost twice in the first half. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think everybody could lose twice more. And as for Mason, they still have to go to VCU and Hofstra, and still host ODU, Drexel, and UNCW.

And that assumes Mason will beat UNCW in Trask tomorrow, which I don’t think they will. If UNCW, VCU, Hofstra Drexel, and Towson win Saturday, the conference will have four two-loss teams, three three-loss teams, and a very good 5-4 Northeastern team.

Seeding is going to come down to tiebreakers, and I think more than one.

Anybody know if Tom Yeager instituted a shootout policy once all the tiebreakers are exhausted? It’s working for the NHL…


~ by mglitos on January 20, 2006.

5 Responses to “Superman”

  1. Glad to see your keepin’ the hate on Mason alive. I’m sure as soon as they lose their next game, you’ll have a big write up about it.

    You’re a joke.

  2. Wow Litos!! Why all the hate on Mason?!?!?!(sarcasm) With a comment like the one above, no wonder they remained anonymous. On a less serious note, how could you miss a home game????


  3. Duty calls, row6, duty calls. Some decisions in life are toughies. I’m just glad “tough” for me is choosing which of two college basketball games to attend!

    And yes, apparently saying GMU would win surprisingly easy (they did) and then–gasp–picking UNCW to win at home is hate.

  4. I cannot wait for Hofstra to take their shot at Mason this year…Mason is totally overrated- 4th best team in the conference, stop kidding urselves…ODU, Wilmington and Hofstra are all better teams…wait till we see how it all sorts itself out

  5. Where you going to put NE in that mix?

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