Let It Be

A Defining Moment?

So I’ve always wondered, outside of the obivous, why I’m so attracted to mid major college basketball.

I may have a huge lead into finding the answer, thanks to Gregg Doyel. In his weekend preview of top ten games, there is nary a mid major. Which is fine.

What is more telling is that the #2 on his list is West Virginia/UCLA. My very first thought is: there is no reason for this game. Who cares about an inter-conference game against two middling major schools who happen to carry a name (UCLA) and some cachet (Pittsnogle)? Is this really what America wants to see?

My choice is the battle for first place in the CAA between Mason and UNCW. Far more intrigue, and far more impactful on two teams’ seasons. And most likely a better college basketball atmosphere.

Granted I agree that Wake/NC State is a biggie. But WVU/UCLA? Hardly.


~ by mglitos on January 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “Let It Be”

  1. If you don’t like watching WVU’s style of play, then your not a basketball fan.

  2. Fully agreed. Fresh out of High School, I went to Kansas. No denying that watching them play was fantastic and they won the national championship while I was there.

    However, since I’ve become an ODU student, I’ve fallen hard for the hoops program in the CAA. I went to the tourney in Richmond last year and the atmosphere and energy in the building rivaled anything we had in the Big 12. In short, it was an awesome time, great basketball was played, and not once did I say “I wish I were watching a bigger school”.

    If only the great coaches didn’t always take the bait to move up to the bigger conferences, the CAA could get respect year after year.

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