You Light Up My Life

We’ve made it live from GMUs Patriot Center. Prepare yourself for misspellings, and the potential for a quick end to this. Signal strength is a bit south of Antarctica, and when teh Harris Teeter mini blimp flies over me during its cross-Pat Dome journey, I think I lose signal altogether. But anyway…

So I’m watching Jai Lewis, GMUs huge center, warm up. He’s shooting mostly three pointers, but that’s not the point. I’m told at least one NFL team is still interested in him, and I believe it. He may have no football skill whatsoever, but he has the body for it. (I don’t call him the Human Second Helping for nothing…) As for tonight, VCU had better have an answer defensively. I look at Mike Anderson and Renardo Dixon, two of VCUs athletic forwards, and I don’t think you can combine their body mass to dent Lewis.

Game time: 35:14 and counting…


Scene set: late arriving crowd. Definitely call this a smattering. Someone over at VCU must’ve received a subscription to Yoga Journal for Christmas. There’s a lot of odd stretching going on for the visitors.

The Harris Teeter blimp haunts me…


Tip controlled by GMU. You know, if this were Kentucky vs. Duke, CBS would put some inane stat like “the team that wins the opening tap wins the game 57.4% of the time” on the screen.

VCU in man…Harper on Skinn, which is the key matchup.


Lewis muscles through Davis for three pt play. Iso play…then Davis with follow shot over Lewis…this could be a battle if Davis comes to play. Lewis follow shot, then Davis right at Lewis.

Uh, clearly both teams forcing it inside. VCU to get Lewis in foul trouble and loosen up their shooters. GMU because Lewis may be able to score at will.


VCU taking it right at Lewis, even with Sam Faulk, a little used reserve and offensive liability. Clearly trying to tire the big man out. GMU 12, VCU 10 at the under 12 media time.


The flow of this game is very interesting. Both teams tried to push it inside at every opportunity. VCUs man defense forced scrambling from GMU, and when Lewis took a break, VCU launched some bad shots. Now Eric Davis just forced Lewis into his second foul and made the hoop. Both teams are working hard and adjusting, and this is the point in the game where one team should start to impose their will. Both coaches have a sense fo the game and tinkered. The next four minutes will be very telling. GMU 19, VCU 17 at the under 8 media time out.


Game of runs…GMU 7, VCU 7, GMU 8…VCU does not have an answer for Will Thomas. 5-5 fg and 2-2 ft. Interestingly, I would bet VCU is running their scouting report to a high degree of efficiency. Butler has had only one open shot, and Tony Skinn has given the Patriots nothing on offense. Harper and Maynor have shut him down. But GMU leads by six at the 3:39 mark.



Half: GMU 36, VCU 25.

Difference: Will Thomas with 12 pts and four rebounds. And speaking of rebounds, it’s Mason with an 18-9 bulge. Add to that the shooting disparity and you can see why it’s GMU by 11.


And one other thing…at the half Nick George (2) and BA Walker (0) have scored a total of two points. Will Thomas has 12. In actuality, that is the difference. (Just needed a shot of caffeine to realize that.)


And George opens the second half with a hoop.


Thomas over George and the lead is 41-27. Capel calls 30 second time and removes Nick George from the game.


This one may be over. Now. Campbell three at shot clock buzzer, and under 16 media time has GMU up 46-29. You can see the body language of VCU. Not give up, but certainly disgruntled. Playing 34 seconds of defense and giving up a three stinks.


I am the kiss of, well, not death. The lead got to 48-29 and I said it is over. Well, it’s 48-39 now…


Jamal Shuler is putting on his own display. Five threes from long range. Harper hits a three and VCU has the lead to 10.

And a Capel tech on what I will have to agree is an awful call, and the ref just handed him a second one, I believe, for no reason. Capel was just standing there. This goes back to the first half when Capel and this particular ref went after each other (the whole be reasonable thing). It appeared Skinn just fell down and the ref called a tripping foul. Capel deserved the first tech, as he was halfway to the foul line pumping his fist. But it was a horrid foul call.

“I can’t talk to you right now,” the other official says to Capel.

Skinn makes all four FT and the lead is restored to 14.


At the risk of Mason fans everywhere mailing me stink bombs, I’ll now call this over.


~ by mglitos on January 5, 2006.

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