You Don’t Have to Call Me Darlin’

More on Defense Six conference teams are holding opponents to 40% FG shooting or less. George Mason: 37.5%, VCU: 37.9%, Hofstra: 38.3%, Drexel: 39.0%, Old Dominion: 39.9% and UNCW: 40.0%.

Like I mentioned, expect some low scoring wars in the coming weeks. What is also interesting is that the three top defensive teams also carry a ton of offensive firepower. Nobody can doubt GMU can fill it up, and VCU is deeper than most teams. And Hofstra has the guard play to hang with anyone. And that doesn’t even include ODU, UNCW, or Drexel.

My guess? ODU, VCU, Hofstra, and Mason battle get the first four seeds. UNCW five. Drexel six. Northeastern seven. The rest? “Others Playing…”

Oh, By The Way
JJ Barea leads the nation in assists. His 9.1 are nearly two assists better than the guy in second, Will Blaylock of Iowa State. Of note is that Northeastern has played only three home games going into tonight’s battle with George Mason. Why notable? Assists are, by far, the most dubious statistic in college basketball. Home team official scorers are usually a bit more, uh, lenient in crediting dimes to the local guys. Plus home teams win more, which means they score more points. Call it the Corchiani Rule.

Barea’s teammate Shawn James ranks second in the nation in blocked shots with 6.0 per game. There’s little judgment used in that statistic.

Who Needs Bad Wild Card Football Games?
If you must spend time on the couch this weekend:
1. CSN-MA and FOX SportsNet South (in N.C. only) will televise the VCU/George Mason game at 7 p.m.

2. On Saturday, high noon, CSN-MA, FSS-NC and CN8 will televise Northeastern/Old Dominion.

3. CSN-MA, FSS-NC and Comcast SportsNet-Philadelphia will show the 4 p.m. game between William & Mary/UNCW.

4. Drexel/VCU will be televised by CN8 Saturday night.

So About This Morning…
Jerry Palm unequivocally stated that ODU, nor anybody else from the CAA, was getting an at large bid. His logic makes sense: that 50 RPI isn’t going very far during the conference season. But really: if ODU runs through hte conference season, drills, say, Bucknell in the Bracket Busters, and the RPI hangs in the low 40s, they are pretty much where they were last year, right? Right? (crickets)

Kyle Whelliston, who is attending the GMU/Northeastern game tonight, pretty much agreed.

That Isaiah Hunter technical against Richmond is looking bigger and bigger with every ODU win.

This Just In
Mason beats Northeastern when a late three falls away. More tomorrow.

BTW: Mason is good.

And Finally
VCU trails UAB 39-30 at the half. Key scary stat: The Rams turned the ball over only FOUR TIMES. Think about what you would think this game would look like if I blindly told you VCU would have four turnovers against UAB…


~ by mglitos on January 3, 2006.

4 Responses to “You Don’t Have to Call Me Darlin’”

  1. Its still early and there will be plenty of surprises but ODU, VCU, and Mason look like the automatics for getting a top four seed. Drexel is a good team but lacks a bench and consistency. As expected NE is falling to the bottom tier. The UNCW – Hofstra game at Hofstra could decide the 4th place seed.

  2. I don’t understand how anyone can complain about bench depth of Drexel and then put Hofstra in front of them. Come on now… I don’t think VCU is an automatic for a top 4 seed at this point either. They may, but if so its more because they got hooked up with a soft schedule then that they are 4th best in the conf.

  3. It may have been unclear, because at times my fingers work more slowly than my mind, but it’s Hofstra’s bench I question, not Drexel.

  4. I have not seen Hofstra play yet – hope to soon – based on what they have back and current performances right now I would put Hofstra over Drexel. There’s still a long way to go – don’t count out UNCW – they play very deep and physical. The question about Drexel is how many games will the front court disappear? At times thay have no inside rebounding or scoring or help.

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