Hard Day’s Night

So much to say, so little time…the one college football bowl game I want to see–other than USC/Texas, of course–kicks off in a half-hour. And here I sit, with a blog responsibility and a lot on my mind.

Let’s start with Old Dominion and Virginia Tech. First, they spent $58 million building the Ted Constant Center, and decided NOT to outfit it with wireless? I mean, come on! I know I sound like I’m complaining that I have to reach all the way across the table to get the beer my friend just bought for me, but really. You would think someone anticipated this need. But I was happy that I could play my Glen Campbell 8-tracks during halftime.

As for the game, it was, in a word, ugly. Chippy. And Seth Greenberg is fun to watch coach. Almost as much fun as Bruiser Flint. The near brawl between Arnaud Dahi and Coleman Collins has been more than discussed, so I’ll stick to what stuck out: I can see how ODU lost badly this year. They can’t shoot a lick. They came into the game about 225th in the country in shooting and left the game worse off.

The coup de gras for me was Tech not even bothering to guard Jonathan Adams at one point, who took a dribble, set himself, and threw up an amazing piece of masonry from 10 feet. He barely drew iron, and what paint he was able to knick chipped off the rim. I’ve seen better shooters from a La-Z-Boy during a halftime promotion.

The point here is that ODU is going to win with defense. So is every other team in the conference. Get ready for some defensive wars, because they are coming. Everybody loves to talk about how great it is that the conference is so deep and teams are going to beat up on each other all season. Well, there is a down side to all of that.

Kickoff is in 20 minutes, so I’ll let you look up the stats, but check for a correlation between the teams shooting a high free throw percentage with the teams that are playing good team defense. Add a dash of depth, and you’ll have my pick for who will ultimately win this race. Okay, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. Or tonight, if the game is a dog.


Kyle Loves Us
Mason v Northeastern is his Game of the Night and he pens a nice piece on his ESPN blog About Harding Nana which is really an ode to great players toiling in anonymity.


There will be more tonight, including:

1. Some in game progress and thoughts from both George Mason/Northeastern, and VCU/UAB. (This means I’m on ESPN.com hitting refresh a bunch of times…)

2. I spoke to Jerry Palm and Kyle Whelliston this morning.

3. Why prosperity stinks.

4. Anything else I cannot remember right now, because my dog has to go to the bathroom and it is raining.

BTW: Happy New Year to All.


~ by mglitos on January 2, 2006.

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