Time is on My Side

Anybody that tells you ODU was going to hand DePaul the worst loss in school history is a liar.

Now, I will say that I’m sure many thought ODU was a certain winner. It’s the classic “one team playing not so good and needing a great performance, the other team coming off a huge win but on the road and traveling from a snowy airport” trap game. Heck, Vegas had ODU as six point favorites, which to many seemed a huge number (if you follow such things). People thought ODU would win this game.

But not by 44.


I’m not sure if statistics or analysis is even warranted. Just an old fashioned butt-kicking, to be honest. All I can say is this: this was the most important nonconference win of the season for the CAA. The conference has had a few semi-big wins, but not of this magnitude.

And it’s not even that DePaul is that much of a marquee win. It’s the when and how that is important. ODU, the conference darling, was coming off of a stunningly bad defeat. The national media will overlook a conference road loss. But not when you score 10 points in a half and not when you’re supposed to be head and shoulders above the rest of the conference (in the minds of the national media). Questions needed to be answered on a national scale.

ODU also needed a very solid performance at a time when two major media outlets, ESPN (Joe Lunardi) and Fox (Yoni Cohen) are predicting an at large berth for the conference. ODU provided the eye-opener. A six-point win may have been treated as ho-hum. A 44-point drubbing catches the attention, again, of the nation.

Bully for ODU, and welcome back, Isaiah Hunter.

Next up for the Monarchs: tomorrow against the University of Richmond Spiders in a Will Robinson special.


The CAA won five of seven nonconference matchups on Saturday, bringing the nonconference record to 44-28. Other than ODU, there were two noteworthy games:

VCU beat College of Charleston behind Eric Davis, 76-71. The Rams rallied from 11 down in the second half to pull it out. Davis scored 18 points and appears to be shaking off the rust from his transfer year, and the Rams need him badly. Side note: VCU got killed on the boards again, 36-25. That’s 3-0 in its last three games for VCU, but they’ve been outrebounded 120-71 in those games. Wow.

William & Mary lost to UMBC. The strength of your conference is buffeted more so by the play of your bottom teams than your top teams. This is a bad loss.


This is why Ken Pomeroy is among the best. I gave JJ Barea the award for Most Times, Ball in My Hands, and Ken Blogs that Barea is his biggest Ballhog, writing that Barea amazingly “uses 37.8% of Northeastern’s possessions while he is on the court.” I knew it was a lot. Ken proves just how much “a lot” is.

And check out farther down in that column…Northeastern’s Shawn James “…blocks 21.3% of opponents’ two-point shots…” Just think about that for a minute. (Note to the creative community: 20% is one in five…)


~ by mglitos on December 19, 2005.

2 Responses to “Time is on My Side”

  1. Great game at the Ted on Saturday. I was there and ODU was simply unstoppable. One of those games where you have to go in after the game and say “Hey, we aren’t that good”. True test for ODU comes now on the road at Richmond and at UAB. Then back home against Va. Tech. Big 3 game stretch.

  2. I saw Richmond play VCU, and the Spiders forced VCU to put up a lot of uncomfortable shots. Everybody wants to talk about the Richmond offense, but I’m telling you it’s the defense that’s the secret.

    If ODU can’t shoot or force turnovers, this could be a tough evening.

    I call it danger because ODU is two days off of a B-I-G victory, on the road, againt a team playing an unfamiliar style. You know, kind of like what DePaul walked into on Saturday.

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