Don’t Pay the Ferryman

I wasn’t at the Ted Constant Center, but I did run up about 100 minutes of Internet usage on my cell phone last night tracking the ODU/GMU game. God Bless technology. For those of you that have been under a rock, Drew Williamson buried a 25-footer to give ODU a 54-53 win. (According to the ODU web site, it was 27 feet, but who’s counting?)

I understand it was a hard-fought, defensive and emotional war, as you would expect two conference teams that know each other well to play.

I’ve heard reports that as part of the celebration, coach Blaine Taylor grabbed the PA mic and began singing the alma mater. That alone warrants a phone call.


One of the things that is very apparent in this year’s CAA is the importance of making an opposing coach go deep into his bench. It was one of Jeff Capel’s keys to beating Hofstra, and he was right. As the Hofstra starters began to tire late in the first half against VCU, the Rams went on a 19-3 run to turn a seven-point deficit into a nine-point halftime lead. The run was finalized with VCU scoring nine points in the final minute of the half, including grabbing an offensive rebound off of a missed free throw and Jesse Pellot Rosa draining a long three.

Likewise, both Blaine Taylor and Jim Larranaga shortened the bench a bit in the Patriots battle in Norfolk.

Keep an eye on the teams that can substitute in the middle of halves and not see much of a dropoff in play. It’s a long season and these teams know each other too well. Legs get tired in February.


The Proof is in the Pudding, ODU/GMU
1. Lamar Butler missed a three and then the front end of a one-and-one in the final minute. Butler misfired on five of the six threes he took, as well as both foul shots. He scored nine points. Lamar Butler has got to play better in big games if Mason is going to seriously challenge in this league this year. There are too many big games prior to March.

2. Arnaud Dahi had six points and three rebounds. Why does Tom Berenger come to mind: “Kid, this ain’t the California Penal League…”

3. Nice work, Gabe Norwood. Four assists and two steals with zero turnovers.

The Proof is in the Pudding, VCU/Hofstra
1. Loren Stokes just does not yet look comfortable after breaking his nose a few weeks back. You can see flashes of the slashes that make him so much fun to watch, and a bear to defend. But it’s just not all there. He also had a couple of brutally poor turnovers.

2. Thumbs up to Nick George, who was on his feet, cheering on the subs with two minutes left and the Rams lead hovering in the mid 20s. A team sees that. Live and also on tape in the next practice.

3. Thank you, Adrain Uter. Ten points and 15 rebounds in 24 minutes. Nice work. And four-for-five from the line?


Odd stat of the night: Hofstra outrebounded VCU 50-28. That is not a misprint. In fact, Hofstra had almost as many OFFENSIVE rebounds (24) and VCU had total rebounds. SO how did VCU win by 23 points? The Rams had eight turnovers as compared to 21 for Hofstra, and the Pride shot FOUR POINT EIGHT PERCENT from three point land. That’s 1-21 in case you were wondering.


Once again, leave it to a coach to bore through media-created blather. When VCU coach Jeff Capel was told last night after beating Hofstra that his offense looked better than it had all season, and the question was left open for a comment, Capel laughed and said: “any offense looks better when you make your shots.”

Next stupid question, please…

I also got to spend a few mintues with Tom Pecora before the game and got this gem…in the middle of discussing important things like his keys to the game or playing on the road, Pecora stopped, took a breath, and blurted: “you know, this is the best popcorn in the league. Want some?” And then it was back to multiple defenses or something along those lines. I was too busy laughing.

Priceless, that Tom Pecora.


~ by mglitos on December 8, 2005.

3 Responses to “Don’t Pay the Ferryman”

  1. You give absolutely no love to Northeastern. They Absolutely blew out admittedly a bad towson team but this is one of the best teams in the league! JJB is LEADING the nation in assits and 12th in scoring! How can you ignore that if it was “alex loughton”, by the NANA is better, I’m sure you’d be all over it. Shawn James is 3rd in blocks. This is an exciting team that you have blantantly ignored and Shitted on. try doing some legit reporting

  2. I think Northeastern will get more credit once they play some of the upper teams in the CAA, the ODUs, GMUs, etc.
    So far NU has beat JMU (a lower team in CAA by a measly 3) and a weak Towson team.
    In my opinion, respect isnt given, its earned.
    I agree that you have a good team, but so far nobody’s really seen how NU will do against other CAA teams. So until that happens, you probably won’t get the love you feel you deserve. I can assure you, if NU beats the upper teams in the CAA, they’ll get respect.
    But until then, maybe you should quit whining.

  3. And where would we have been without you using up all those internet minutes??? You are the man Mikey!!! How was the game from the “C” side of the arena?

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