I Need Somebody

Two great ones tonight:

George Mason at Old Dominion

Prove it to me…Isaiah Hunter…you’re coming around, but do you really need to be hoisting 19 shots when you have Dahi, Loughton, and Williamson?

Prove it to me…Lamar Butler…it’s a big game. Coach Larranaga would be thrilled if you suited up and actually played well.

Prove it to me…Arnaud Dahi…you’re in the best shape of your life, but Matt Murrer is not Will Thomas. Heck, he’s not even Folarin Campbell.

Prove it to me…Human Second Helping…play hard for three consecutive possessions and find out what it’s like to help your team every minute you’re on the floor.

Prove it to me…Alex Loughton…I love it when big players play big in big games. You know me, Al. (Bonus points if you know the reference…)

Prove it to me…Gabe Norwood…I’ve always liked your game, but three stinking points per contest ain’t getting it done. This can be a Turn the Corner night for you.

My take, as if you care: GMU has played well and is very talented; however, ODU is rounding into form. The Monarchs just completed an important three-game stretch–far more important than the names on the schedule. ODU played its home opener, its first bus ride road game, and then a team it only beat by one point last year.

ODU came out flat against Mt. St. Mry.’s in the home opener but woke up and cruised. ODU then played ugly against lesser competition at VMI, but rolled at the end when it realized you cannot just roll the ball out and expect to win. ODU finally bludgeoned ECU in a game that wasn’t as close as the 26-point final margin. Three games and three somewhat predictable flows. What’s next? Of course.

ODU rolls on and make an early statement. Old Dominion 83, George Mason 71.

Hofstra at VCU

Prove it to me…Loren Stokes…you’ve had a broken nose and a sore back. Are you comfy enough to begin carrying this team? I know you’re good enough.

Prove it to me…Nick George…you were touted as a P-O-Y candidate. A big part of P-O-Y is W-I-N-S and VCU needs an L-E-A-D-E-R. 19 and 10 tonight would work wonders for everyone.

Prove it to me…Adrian Uter…you are rebounding your tuckus off but those guards could use a post presence. And make a free throw while you’re at it.

Prove it to me…Eric Davis…see Uter, only scrap the free throw thing and add some rebounding. And stop the My Name is Earl thing and play basketball. You know what I mean.

Prove it to me…Arminas Urbutis…no real reason, I just like typing your name. Do something well so you get some minutes and I can write about you. Wait, I’ve got it. Four of Hofstra’s five starters avergage more than 30 minutes per game. How about an assist by adding to the MP column?

Prove it to me…Jamal Shuler…your coach says you can shoot. I’ve been to practice and seen you shoot. You can shoot. I’m going to get killed for this next statement but I want you to think about it: good players make shots.

My take, as if you care: This game has a chance to be ridiculously entertaining. Both teams are perimeter-oriented and can get up and down the floor. This game also has the potential to be ridiculously ugly. Both teams play very good defense and are prone to a fair share of bricks.

VCU is a different team at home and has never lost to Hofstra in the city of Richmond. Hofstra is playing better than VCU.

Can you tell I’m hedging?

I have no idea who will win, but the final score will be 73-70. But to eliminate being called a weenie on my own site, I’ll go with something my dad taught me years ago. If you are faced with a toss up, take the home team.


Mea culpa: JMU actually travels to Drexel, not the other way around. Makes this game a little less sexy. Expect Dean Keener’s team to knock off at least two of the league’s elite this season. Drexel may or may not be considered “elite,” but JMU won’t win this one. Still, I like what Keener is doing up there, and although the Convocation Center is still nowhere near its days as the Electric Zoo, the President of the school has a strange obsession with heating costs this winter…


~ by mglitos on December 7, 2005.

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