Hangin’ Tough

Tomorrow, while everyone is salivating over the Jimmy V Classic, I’ll be rooted to the Jimmy L Classic; that is, the First Biggun’ for Old Dominion. Jim Larranaga, the Basketball Talking Machine, and The Second Helping (Jai Lewis), travel to Norfolk to take on the defending champs.

The MonARCHS (as in the rainbow appearance of an Arnaud Dahi jumper, who by the way is shooting 65% from the field and has made eight of 15 from downtown and 14-16 free throws and is averaging 16.3 points per game), will be playing its first conference game coming off of a 26-point shellacking of East Carolina. For its part, GMU annihilated an overmatched American team by 40 last night. Both CAA schools are playing well, both are fresh, and I look for a donneybrook.

More tomorrow on this one.


Georgia State, the New Kids on the Block, have a shot tonight to win friends and influence people when they take on the Ragin’ Rondos of Kentucky. The game is being played in Philips Arena in Atlanta, but I’m wondering who is really at home.

Kentucky also has the Randolph Morris situation at least partially out of the way, and oh by the way they will be a bit mad coming off the loss to UNC.

Good luck Panthers. I hardly know ye.


Have I mentioned I love going to Wilmington to see basketball games? A big part of it is venue.

When you walk into Trask Coliseum, home of the UNCW Seahawks, your mind immediately and briefly returns to your junior high school. You see the glossy yellow brick walls with painted cinder block, the tile floor, and the metal stairs and windows that hearken back to the time when you prowled such halls as a seventh-grader. It smells not really bad, but stale.

However after you continue through a set of double-doors, the big wooden ones with the vertical handle, you turn a corner and walk into a sea of teal and green. Your seat is very much like your junior high gym as well, a bleacher-seat numbered something like “Row D, Seat 71” or the like. You are also permitted leg room very much like riding in the coach section of an airline. It’s packed that tight. And because temperature is controlled by a decades-old system, it’s usually hot.

However, shortly before tipoff, thoughts of junior high evaporate as the almost-always sold out throng of more than 6,000 rises together to greet its Seahawks as they appear for pregame layups. (Trask holds about 6,500.) There is a great deal of student support, and the alumni are ardent followers of the team. And maybe because there is no football played at UNCW, the fans also know basketball.

Coming Up Tomorrow

George Mason at Old Dominion
Hofstra at VCU
(Oh, and Towson gets to go to Boston, while Drexel heads to Harrisonburg. We will get to see which is more true: Drexel’s early success or recent struggles. JMU is forecasted for the bottom of the conference but has talent. Somebody get out the measuring stick.)


~ by mglitos on December 6, 2005.

One Response to “Hangin’ Tough”

  1. Just a note of correction:
    JMU is playing at Drexel… not the other way around.

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