Love Hurts

Today, only a quickie, and I apologize for the skimpy couple of days. I’m hitting the road for Wilmington in about a half hour. Two days of fun and then my annual December trek into Trask…

Most compelling notes from my interview with CAA commish Tom Yeager yesterday:

The conference would love to have a “Challenge” like the recent ACC/Big Ten matchup. However, this is hindered because (1) ESPN pays those conferences a pile of loot; and (2) the coaches aren’t really in favor of this. (Yeager didn’t say this, but I will: I could be wrong, but I don’t think Dan Shulman and Dick Vitale are foaming at the mouth for William & Mary versus Drake in the MVC/CAA Challenge.)

Yeager also noted that Richmond and Norfolk have been invited to CAA HQs to present bids to the conference for hosting the postseason tournament. The city of Richmond’s ten-year contract expires in 2007. Yeager hopes to be able to make a decision and announce it in conjunction with this season’s CAA tourney.

Yeager also called Drexel’s wonderful run in the NIT tipoff “yesterday’s news” and said that teams have to win games, and the conference season is upon us. While that may be a somewhat harsh statement about Drexel, I agree. Time to make noise by winning. (Georgia State has Kentucky coming up, and eight CAA teams are in the Bracket Busters…)


UNCW coach Brad Brownell chats today with the Wilmington paper.

Notable is his take on why UNCW is so difficult to beat in Trask: “I think over the years, any place that’s had success and is difficult to play, the first factor is because you have good players.”

I love it when a coach demystifies things with simple, straightforward logic. Reminds me of the great Yogi Berra quote about winning streaks: “The key to keep streaks going is to maximize the victories while at the same time minimizing the defeats.”


The season gets underway in earnest this weekend, even though there have been two games already:

* George Mason at Georgia State (Friday night lights…the Human Second Helping should lead Mason to a win)
* Delaware at Hofstra (Pride won again last night and should roll Nana’s Gang)
* W&M at Towson (Plenty of good seats still available, and Calvin Baker should be too much for the home team)
* Northeastern at James Madison (Great early season matchup…)
* VCU at UNCW (Sunday matinee)


Nothing of note from the CAA except a mea culpa on Mason/Creighton, but we like Kyle and will continue to promote his work. It’s what good looks like.


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3 Responses to “Love Hurts”

  1. In honor of the UNCW/VCU game I worked on an article for my blog that I’m sure applies to many more schools than UNCW. I used some info from your blog in it. And I thought you might be interested in reading it. It is about the lack of involvement and love in mid-major hoops among people who consider themselves to be “true” hoops fans.

  2. Hey it’s me again I would like to apologize for any disrespect that some students here at UNCW showed for Jeff Capel and the VCU players. This is a rivalry, but it’s one that enjoys a lot of respect and good natured fun on both sides. I would like to keep it that way. The VCU fans were very hospitable to me and my friends when we traveled to VCU for the CAA tournament last year. And I apologize that you were not treated the same by everyone in Wilmington.

    I wrote a little about it in my blog post today:

    “In off the court news I do appreciate the enthusiasm shown by the fans yesterday but the is a certain line you don’t cross. And walking over to the VCU locker room to get in their coaches face and talk to much trash is a little unacceptable. I want the fans to heckle but just stay in the student section when you do it. We don’t need to become known for meanspirtedness and bad sportsmanship. Sportsmanship extends to the fans as well. Lets leave the idiotic heckling and the bad sportsmanship to Maryland students.”

    Here is the whole article:

    Look forward to seeing you guys in Richmond.

  3. No worries. Mid major hoops is all about passion. Real passion.

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