Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Being a CAA fan means a lot of things. Most are very different from following a major conference school. Being a CAA fan means…

* The dates of the conference tournament, due to their monumental importance, are circled on the calendar in November. No, make that October 15. At midnight.

* You get to “shout encouragement” at Mike Eades and Duke Edsall and Sean Hull and Larry Rose and Brian Kersey and they can hear you. Most are actually good guys and will give you a wave before the game starts.

* Road trips to follow your team are far more familial and, honestly, fun. There’s a little something extra about being six hours from home with 15 others cheering on your team. And then driving home. Past midnight. In the rain. After a loss. And loving it. Well, kind of.

* You are often forced to cheer for a rival school because they are playing a major school tough. That, my friends, is the definition of conflict.

* Close losses and moral victories become a way of life. I’m not even a Drexel fan but I was cheering wildly for them last week and was sick when that pass went through Bashir Mason’s hands. A CAA fan knows exactly what I’m talking about. Could/would a Georgia Tech fan say that about North Carolina?

* When I wonder about freshmen point guards, I care more about Eric Maynor (look him up) than Greg Paulus.

* The conference commissioner himself will return my emails within an hour.

* The players are not Gods nor are they treated that way. They are college kids who happen to be talented basketball players.

* You check out school websites, radio listings, web casts, chat rooms, whatever you need in order to follow a game live because every freaking game is NOT on television.

* You get a quick, sweet, satisfying smile when Cal-Irvine, who just lost to a CAA school, drills nationally-ranked Stanford.

* You have no idea, really, who is ranked between #15 and #23 in the USA Today hoops poll, but you know (even if you are a UNCW fan) that ODU showed up in the “Others Receiving Votes” with six votes.

* You follow graduated players to Europe, not Boston or Portland or Sacramento or Memphis.

* Come middle March, your team needs just one NCAA tournament win to consider the season a success, not five.

* You get to pen a blog that intelligent people contribute to, not one of those sites with a bunch of juvenile “you suck” rants…

Perhaps there will be more later. Perhaps you have some to add. I’d love to hear from you…


~ by mglitos on November 29, 2005.

7 Responses to “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight”

  1. Great page, great post, ODU fan here and I know what you mean about cheering for the other CAA teams…

  2. Wow, You were dead on about the UNCW fan knowing how many votes ODU received in the USA Today Poll. That is pretty much all I talked about with fellow hoops fans yesterday. Along with collegeinsider.com mid-major poll. Where I knew exactly where all the other CAA teams were ranked or receiving votes. How many Duke fans know how many votes UNC received this week. Very few I’m sure.

    Another thing to add to the list is watching the obnoxius student sections at the CAA tournament. Especially how they can hate one school one second then have a friendly conversation with you as the students switch spots to wait on the next game.

  3. Would I have loved to have seen the JMU game vs. App. St. last night! Any 2OT game is good, but the Mountaineers were shooting over 50% 3s and JMU got two last second shots to keep the game going instead of giving in to the rain of outside shots.

    Having a team rebuild is a painful process, but I can say sweet victories like this give a fan hope to believe a team and program has turned a corner.

    My heart sank when Wisconsin pulled out the victory over ODU. ODU really should be ranked. I would be surprised if they are not by the end of the season, except that the CAA looks a lot stronger top to bottom this year. Even JMU and W&M have winning records!

  4. you suck!

  5. Ah, fan mail…

  6. “You get to pen a blog that intelligent people contribute to, not one of those sites with a bunch of juvenile “you suck” rants…”

    you suck!

  7. NU fan here, just found this site via midmajority and i thought this would be a good place to say its pretty sweet, keep it up

    and oh yeah, you suck.

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