Catfish Ball

Not sure where to start or end today, so I think we’ll just go the cliche and give you some random holiday leftovers:

  • Drexel gags against UCLA. There really is no other way to put it. There I was, on the couch enjoying my fourth helping of turkey and stuffing, thinking through my clever blog about my love for Brusier Flint, and then Bash Mason pulls a Jackie Smith. Then a foul. Holy gamoley. Oh well. You can’t dwell. The main thing is that the CAA got another 40 minutes of Dick Vitale talking about UNCW, ODU, Tom Yeager, and “this si the seventh place team in the CAA!” Bay-bee, that’s priceless. Oh, and the loss to Penn the next day is merely a footnote. Nobody really cared at that point.
  • From the truth is stranger than fiction department…check out Northeastern’s game against Cal from Saturday.No, seriously, check it out. Yes, the Huskies lost 83-76. But how? They shot 49%, played even on rebounds, made three MORE field goals than Cal, and made six more three pointers. Perhaps it was Cal’s 30 free throw attempts to Northeastern’s two. That’s right. 30-2. Only eight fouls were called on the home team (and it wasn’t Northeastern, who was whistled for 21 misdeeds).

    Now, I’m one to normally denounce the whole home cooking theory, but this stat defies logic. Jose Juan Barea didn’t get to the line ONE time despite attempting 24 shots. No biggie, until you consider Barea attempted 167 free throws last season, more than five per game. Shawn James was 10-14 from the field. You’ve got to figure that once a big man gets to about 6-8, opponents will start taking hacks. Right?

    Now, I didn’t see the game, nor even any highlights. But a 30-2 disparity in free throw attempts catches your eye. People have been convicted on Law and Order for less…

  • Congrats to Jeff Capel, whose VCU Rams overcame a 12-point second half deficit to knock off Houston, in Houston. Nick George led the Rams with 16 and 10. This is perhaps the CAAs best nonconference win on the court. UH is a top three Conference USA team with legit at large hopes.
  • Georgia State hung with Charlotte, before falling to a Curtis Withers double/double…Mason handled Manhattan behind the Human Second Helping, Jai Lewis…easy wins for JMU, William & Mary, and UNCW as well. In a not-so-shocking development, ODU drilled Mount St. Mary’s.
  • Tonight, we’ll get a comparison game when JMU hosts Appalachian State. Remember, ASU defeated VCU in a game to forget. (It was ugly in the sense that offends the word ugly.) Madison played Georgetown tough.
  • Tomorrow, Hofstra play’s St. John’s, at St. John’s. No more MSG for this game. Tom Pecora’s troops hit the hardwood for the first time since their impressive half against Notre Dame. This time, I predict nothing.

~ by mglitos on November 28, 2005.

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