Leaving Las Vegas

Those that know me call me half wit, but I prefer to be labeled half right. Hofstra led Notre Dame last night until the Pride shot the ball with VCU-like accuracy. This came early in the second half after holding a five point intermission lead. A dismal second half shooting performace doomed them. Still, they looked good for about 25 minutes.

Not sure what to say about Mason’s Brickapalooza. A 20-point home court loss to a supposedly comparable team? Egad.

If the CAA ever wants its reputation to improve, it has to stop what has happened over the past two days and pull a Bucknell or Two.


I’m beginning to think that a good way to make money in this world is to write down everything I say about a game and wager the exact opposite. I was convinced Delaware, despite being on the road, would handle Georgia State. The final was 99-72, and it doesn’t seem like it was that close. Ga State had SIX guys in double figures. Perhaps the way to beat Delaware this year is the old Atlanta Hawks strategy. Let Dominique Wilkins (Harding Nana) get his, and dare everyone else to beat you.

Nonetheless, bad night for the CAA. The YeagerMeter is heading south.


That said, tonight is what Drexel has been waiting for. Giddyup, and good luck Dragons. Much love:

Andy Katz


That’s going to do it for today. We’ll see what I can get to over the holiday as I dodge family and turkey leftovers. My best to everyone. Celebrate with your family.


~ by mglitos on November 23, 2005.

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