Puff the Magic Dragon

I don’t think I’ve spent any time so far on Drexel and its wonderfully funny coach Bruiser Flint. But last night the Dragons earned the leadoff spot by dispatching Princeton rather handily, 54-41. A huge 17-0 run midway through the first half turned around a stagnant game, and a big defensive stop when Princeton cut the lead to four in the second half buoyed the Dragons.

Interestingly, Drexel is replacing four starters this season, while Princeton lost five seniors.

I venture to think that when we look at this game come February, we’ll see it as a game Drexel should have won. Princeton is picked somewhere from 2nd to 4th in the Ivy League. Still, the name recognition alone will give Drexel–and the CAA–a nice early season boost. And I must say again. Bruiser Flint is a fan’s coach: very nice and accomodating off the court, and an intense blowhard once he crosses the lines.


UNCW did its part as well, beating Wyoming in OT, 62-59. Now, I didn’t see one minute of the game, but Wyoming (the home team) shot 49 free throws and UNCW shot 18. Curious, you must think.

Additionally, Wyoming killed UNCW on the boards, 52-37. UNCW shot 38%. And John Goldsberry scored a grand total of five points. How in the world did they manage to win? Folks who follow the CAA know exactly how, and we’ll leave it at that…


This brings the CAAs out of conference record to 4-1. No big wins. Two decent wins (Wyoming, Princeton). One close loss (Wake over GMU).

UNCW gets Northwestern tonight at 8:00 in the mountains. The Rocky Mountains. That’s 10:00 if you live in the pootie mountains on the east coast.

Drexel will host Sam Houston State on Thursday evening. The game will be televised by ESPN2. Though the Drexel Athletic Center is a small, old, dirty building, that is what makes it a great building if they can pack it in. However, Drexel should be wary: sure they play “only” Sam Houston State, but SHS just beat Missouri (woe is Quinn Snyder…) and will be ready.

Still, it’s an unexpected TV game for the CAA, and nobody is complaining.

BTW–you think ESPN is a bit miffed they get Drexel/SHSU instead of Pricneton/Mizzou?


In other CAA news…

VCU coach Jeff Capel announced on his weekly radio show that the Rams will be redhshirting freshman TJ Gwynn. The is not compeltely unexpected as VCU is very deep at the guard position, but Gwynn was practicing about as well as anyone on the team, according to Capel.


~ by mglitos on November 15, 2005.

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