The Impression That I Get

Your morning quickie…

We’ve talked about how everybody from Tom Yeager to Tom Cruise knows that the OOC portion of the CAA schedule is of utmost importance this season. Bully to George Mason for getting things off on the right foot yesterday afternoon against Cal-Irvine. The Patriots were led by the Human Second Helping, Jai Lewis, with 18 points, and Folarin Campbell, who gave an all-around performance. It says something when arguably their most dangerous weapon, Lamar Butler, has an off night and the team still drills an opponent. Blue Ribbon has Cal Irvine sixth in the Big West this year, but it’s still a good win.

On the other side of the fence, VCU Lost Again to its down the street rival, Virginia Union. Nick George scored 30, but it wasn’t enough in what has GOT to be one of the nation’s top preseason exhibition games. Seriously.

It’s a Sunday at Noon Tipoff for UNCW against Butler. Should be a good measuring stick game.

Northeastern winds up its preseason with a Drubbing of the Island All Stars from Puerto Rico. JJ Barea and Shawn James are the name sto know…


~ by mglitos on November 11, 2005.

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