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At some point this week I’m going to find the time to discuss the most controversial issue that arose during the offseason–the change to Thursday/Saturday conference games.

“I’m telling anybody that will listen that I don’t like it,” Hofstra coach Tom Pecora told me. And he would know. In a 14-day span in February, Hofstra travels from Long Island to Atlanta and plays Ga. State on THU; heads home for Northeastern on SAT; heads to Wilmington (no easy feat) on WED; back home for a SAT bracket buster game; back to Virginia to play at W&M on MON; and finally back home for a THU home game against George Mason.

That’s six games in 14 days, and zero back-to-back at home or away.

Okay, perhaps I’ll begin the discussion today. Consider this a primer. Yeah, that’s the ticket. (I should run for office…)

With that aside, I now provide the Official ODU Links of Love, and the promised VCU information:

  • ODU Ranked 21st by Fox Sports
  • And Frank Burlison is very high on the Credibility Meter. He’s no Justin Crabtree, junior at Iowa State University, taking time out from Econ 301 class to provide the nation’s best Preseason Top 25.

    My fave line: “It would border on startling if Blaine Taylor’s team doesn’t win a game — or maybe two — in the NCAA tournament…” There’s nothing like expectations. It’s one thing to be respected. It’s another to be feared. It’s a whole new ballgame when you are targeted. I personally am going to have a blast following these guys.

  • AP Poll Gives Monarchs Some Press
  • I’m beginning to think ODU should change its name to: Others Receiving Votes University. ORVU has a nice ring to it, however after a trip to St. Thomas against the likes of Georgia and Wisconsin, methinks ODU and Top 25 will suit. ODU should drill UGA and eventually knock off Wisconsin. The Badgers are very talented, but you don’t replace four starters and play well in the first five games of the season. ODU is catching both teams at the right time.

  • Even Katz is Aboard the Monarch Bandwagon
  • You may need to click on the Andy Katz link, but the intrepid ESPN.com reporter also expects great things…

  • I promised VCU information. I deliver.
  • Or, more accurately, Shelton King’s report of what Jeff Capel had to say about his Rams on Capel’s weekly radio show. VCU played a closed, controlled scrimmage against Mt. St. Mary’s over the weekend. Among King’s notes:

    1. It was good for the team to get used to being on the road as three of the first four games for VCU are on the road. Also, was good to play someone other than themselves.

    2. Spoke about the Seniors (Nick Geroge, Calvin Roland, Alexander Harper) and of his team’s experience. (Four juniors will see extended playing time, including starters BA Walker and Jesse Pellot-Rosa.)

    3. Capel spoke to Maryland coach Gary Williams after recruiting Troy Godwin and Williams told him that he always sees improvements in a JUCO’s second year at a D1 school. Williams was right about Godwin and Capel is expecting similar improvement from Roland.

    4. Coaches and fans are going to need to be patient with Eric Maynor (freshman point guard who has been spending most of his time with the first team) because he is a freshman and will make freshman mistakes. Said the game against the “Mount” was a good experience for Maynor in teaching him that he has to work hard ALL the time.

    5. Jamal Shuler needs to slow down on the offensive end. Said if Jamal could slow down, he’d hit 60-70% of his shots because he’s that good of a shooter. But, sometimes his energy and athleticism gets him going too fast. (Side note: I’ve seen a couple of practices and Shuler can flat out shoot. From long distance. Redick distance.)

    6. Capel mentioned that he really likes the schedule for this team. A lot of quality games even though not many “named” opponents. Appy State will be a tough opener as they won 18 last season followed by another tough one against Houston who was picked 2nd or 3rd in the CUSA.


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