Come Monday, It’ll Be Alright…

Some random thoughts, links, and observations on a Monday afternoon. (It’s 75 degrees in early November in Richmond, and I continue to devise ingenious solutions to enable me to see the laptop monitor in the bright sunshine…)

  • Can ODU Become the Next Gonzaga?
  • ODU is darn good and will make a great deal of noise this year, but this is a case of a local guy getting a little ahead of himself. Still, it’s a good article.

  • Katz on Northeastern….WAYYYYY at the Bottom
  • Assessing Northeastern in the CAA is much like a blind date. You can get stats and anecdotal evidence–even a few pretty good recommendations–but until you see her up close and personal, you don’t know what to expect.

  • UNCW Exhibition and Brownell Radio Show
  • The Seahawks are once again the worst team in the country to finish in the top four of their league. Side note: this is also the best road trip in the CAA. Trask Coliseum is a must-see.

  • New Guys Ga State Also Roll in Exhibition
  • I have no incisive comment here, nor anything humorous. So let’s move on…

  • George Mason Exhibition Love
  • Only 14 teams in college basketball have won 10 or more conference games in each of the last seven years. Mason is one of them. Not surprisingly, Jim Larranaga told me this.

  • JMUs Belfour Back
  • Larranaga also told me this JMU team has a pile of talent and could surprise. If the Dukes go 4-14, remember this was Coach Larranaga’s quote and not mine! And by the way, this guy that writes for the DNR is pretty darn good. If he wants out of Harrisonburg, consider this a recommendation. (P.S.–I’ve never met the guy and couldn’t pick him out of a police lineup. I just like his work.)

And finally, after a harrowing evening on Interstate 81 last night you should try to avoid this trucker’s Autobahn when traveling to see CAA games. Or, to see ANYthing. Scary interstate.

Tomorrow, we’ll include some info on VCU and possibly Hofstra, the two leading challengers to the ODU dominance. (Yeah, okay, George Mason, too. But I’ve got stuff to write on VCU/HU…)


~ by mglitos on November 7, 2005.

2 Responses to “Come Monday, It’ll Be Alright…”

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