When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary…

Okay, we’re going to try this blog thing, but I warn you, it will be slow to get going. There’s much I want to include, but I’m no rocket scientist, even though I make everyone believe that…I’m hoping you enjoy the style–a bit irreverent, sometimes provocative, but always based squarely on fact and buffeted with my analysis and opinion. Others call this my belief that I know it all, but I digress…

The goal here is simple: provide the army of mid major college basketball fans a venue for in depth information and discussion about what I believe is the poster child mid major conference: the CAA. I absolutely want your contributions, whether it is information, analysis, or opinion. We’re going to follow the CAA through what is certain to be a tumultuous season, but I don’t want info and commentary to be limited to the Colonial, despite it being the focus.

I like to think that this blog will become THE outlet for intelligent, incisive discussion about mid major basketball. But then again I also like to think JJ Redick is the second best shooter ever to come out of Cave Spring High School in Roanoke, VA. There was this kid back in the mid-1980s, before the three-point line…ah…well…anyway…this is my goal. Help me get there.

I also have my ulterior motive (wait, can it actually be ulterior if I’m telling you about it?): I am writing a book on mid major basketball. I’m following Old Dominion, Virginia Commonwealth, and Hofstra as they slug it out this season. I covered the 2005 CAA tournament, will follow these three teams and their coaches (and administrations) through this 2005-06 season, and finish with the 2006 CAA tournament. Call it a year-in-the-life story, only with a twist. The season is used as a back story to shed light on the issues that mid major hoops programs face in this changing NCAA landscape.

And this is where it’s best shone. Nowhere is the plight of the mid major collegiate sports program more apparent and more hotly debated than in the selection of teams to the NCAAs annual post season basketball tournament. When you consider CBS is paying the NCAA $6 billion over 11 years for television programming rights, the importance of winning your conference tournament, and thus earn an automatic berth into “The Big Dance,” becomes staggering.

I could go on, but we’re getting darn close to lunch.

I truly welcome all contributions and feedback. Enjoy!


~ by mglitos on November 3, 2005.

8 Responses to “When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary…”

  1. I’ve never read such a poignant, riveting, entertaining piece. I laughed…I cried…it was better than CATS.

    Okay, perhaps I’m merely testing the Comment function.

  2. My ony disagreement in your assestment of ODU is Hunter. He is
    capable of scoring in many dfferent ways, not just his set shot. Didn’t you see his infamous dunk over three Rams last year when ODU broke the streak at the Ted.

  3. Ah yes, the dunk. I was right there at The Ted for that one. An impressive play, no doubt. My view of Hunter, though, is that he almost saves himself and plays hard only every now and then. I’m not doubting he “can” score in many ways. I doubt he “will” as much as he should.

    He’s not the kind of player that will put ODU on his back. Just not a leader. ODU should enjoy what they get from him, because it will be fleeting, and be shocked if some of those younger players they have don’t start taking Hunter’s minutes.

  4. Of course, DON’T be shocked if Hunter’s minutes decline…

  5. MGL,Come on man, you just wish Hunter was wearing black and gold like all VCU fans such as yourself.

    Just ask the Reaper.

  6. Mgl. Come on man, you just wish Hunter was wearing black an dgold like all VCU fans.

    Just ask the Reaper.

  7. My assessment of Hunter is that he is the fifth best player on ODUs team. My assessment is that he will lose minutes this year as the season goes along and that is a good thing for ODU. My assessment has absolutely nothing to do with VCU.

  8. Hunter can score but there is one problem sometimes he lets his emotions and off the court stuff get involved with his game. Loughton is not doing well this year like he did last year. I know some teams maybe setting up there defenses around Loughton but I think he is playing weak. Dahi started out hot at the beginning of the year but hopefully he doesn’t get hurt toward the end of the season like last year. We aren’t as good as we were last year. We have had a couple of games this year where it took forever for us to score. Toward the end of the season good teams can’t go in scoring droughts at the beginning of the game. I think Mason, Willmington, Hofstra, and as much as I don’t like them VCU. Coach Caple always has those guys ready to play tough against anyone. And don’t sleep on Northeastern. There point guard will probably be in the NBA next year. I have never seen anyone from the CAA as good as he is right now.

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